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Appliance Repair in Aurora IL

For weeks, months, or even years, everything goes along smoothly with every appliance working as it should. Then, all of a sudden, one major appliance breaks down. If this appliance is a refrigerator, freezer, or water heater, the situation can be serious. Hundreds of dollars’ worth of food can be ruined and must be disposed.

And what if there is no money in the family budget to buy a new appliance costing hundreds or thousands of dollars? One answer is to hire a trusted home appliance repair expert.

Choose the Right Repair Company
It is important to think ahead and find a good appliance repair company, such as Aurora Appliance Repair, and talk to us about how we can help. When an appliance breaks down, you can call our highly trained experts to repair your appliance as soon as possible and get the work done correctly the first time. Why call us? Because we have years of being in business and serving our local community. We have a good reputation and work on every brand and model of appliance you may have.
In addition, we stock an extensive collection of appliance parts for most brands of appliances so we may have the exact part you need already in stock. Our experts will ask you questions over the phone about the appliance and what seems to be wrong. Then we can decide what repairs might be needed and give you a cost estimate before doing the appliance repair.

Our experts will examine your broken appliance and give you an honest opinion about whether it is worth repairing or should be replaced. We have the necessary expertise in diagnosing and repairing appliances, which saves our customers time and money. If an appliance is repairable, money will be saved by not buying a new appliance. But, if the appliance is too old or too worn out, paying for a repair and then having to replace the appliance in the near future is not worth it. In those cases it is best to install a newer version of the appliance

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Appliances Do Not Choose Convenient Times To Break

Appliances can choose the worst times to break. The oven can go out the day before company is coming for a Thanksgiving dinner. Getting it repaired in time to save the day can be difficult. But, if you become a customer of our appliance repair service, we offer emergency services seven days a week and after hours for emergencies. That oven that breaks down the day before Thanksgiving Day can be repaired in time to cook the meal.
One of our customers came home from work on a Friday night to find a broken water heater and water spilling all over the floor. She has three children and a husband that need showers and clean clothes. She called our after-hours emergency service and one of our repair experts went to her home on that Friday night and repaired the hot water heater and helped the family clean up the mess in time for the weekend activities.

Why Hire A Professional?

Some homeowners decide to try to repair their own appliances without the knowledge, experience, or tools to do the job right. This can be a big, costly mistake. Once an appliance has been taken apart and the homeowner cannot fix it, it will cost more to hire a professional to repair it. Hiring a reliable appliance service and repair company can be less expensive in the long run. In addition, professional appliance repairs come with warranties.
The appliance manufacturer might require professional repairs to honor a newer appliance warranty. The appliance will be repaired more quickly when a professional comes with the right tools and parts for the repair and with the experience and diagnostic tools to find the real problem quickly. Appliance repair and maintenance companies often offer appliance repair with no service charge. This saves the homeowner money and repairs done by professionals most often last longer.

Should you Repair or Replace an Appliance?

Sometimes, it is wise to decide on your own whether to repair or replace an older appliance that is not working up to its full potential. One way to decide is to consider the age of the appliance. Most major appliances have lifespans of from nine to 20 years depending on their quality and how they have been used and maintained. 
So, if a dishwasher or a microwave is older than nine years, it may be time to replace it. But stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, and furnaces can last 13 to 20 years. If these appliances are well maintained, they last longer. If a homeowner has a relationship with a reliable appliance repair company, they can rely on that company for appliance maintenance and service.
Appliance repair can save a lot of money if the appliance is worth repairing and a reliable company like Aurora Appliance Repair service is used. There are some signs that an appliance needs replacing rather than repair such as a dryer, washer, or fridge that is smoking, an oven with rust on the sides, a washer that will not spin, or a refrigerator with a bad compressor. Appliances that have bad electronics, like motherboards and circuit boards, are also difficult and costly to repair.
If a homeowner needs help to decide what to do, they are encouraged to contact an appliance repair company with free estimates. If the repairs are going to cost over half of what a replacement appliance will cost or the technician cannot guarantee the repair, go for the replacement option.
Appliances that should be repaired include the newer models with years of a normal lifespan left, if repair parts are available at reasonable prices, if the problem is minor, and if repairing the appliance is affordable compared to purchasing a replacement.

Our Appliance Repair Service Repairs Most Appliances

Be sure to hire a professional appliance repair company like Aurora Appliance Repair that services a wide range of appliances. Each appliance has its own set of repair needs, and the right company has experts who are familiar with all appliances.

Garbage disposal repair can involve common problems such as overheating or overfilling, jamming, not working when the switch is flipped, as well as other problems. A garbage disposal has blades to grind up waste and can injure a person trying to fix the appliance themselves. This is a job for professionals.
Trash compactor repair depends on the type of compactor, including freestanding, under-the-counter, and convertible models. Trash compactor issues we repair include compactors that won’t turn on, won’t compact garbage, doors that won’t open, units that become noisy, units that smell bad, and other issues that make the trash compactors not work.
Dryer repair starts with an inspection to determine the problem. Dryer repair is needed when clothes don’t get dry because of a faulty heating element or clogged duct work, The drum spins but does not have heat or does not spin at all, the controls don’t work, and other issues that prevent clothes drying.
Washer repair can be needed when the machine will not agitate correctly, won’t spin, makes loud noises, or won’t drain. A professional at washer repair can spot the problem and fix the machine quickly.
Stove repair depends on the type of stove and its power source. There are gas and electric stoves with problems such as burners that won’t come on, burners that overheat, oven doors that are stuck closed or don’t close well enough, self-cleaning mechanisms that do not work, oven temperatures that are not accurate or the oven does not heat up, and other problems. Stove repair experts can find the problem and fix it.
Dishwasher problems can include glassware that is cloudy, dishes don’t clean, dishwasher starts, then stops without doing its job, the wash cycle runs too long, the water level is wrong, water leaks, or the water will not drain. A Dishwasher repair professional will diagnose the problem and repair the dishwasher the first time.
Range hood models can be ducted, recirculated, wall-mounted chimney, ceiling-mounted chimney, or custom built-in, and each type requires different repair strategies. Range hood problems can include the hood not clearing smoke, not venting outside, a humming motor, a loud motor, lights that don’t work, a fan that does not work or a keypad that malfunctions.
Microwave repair. We fix include a microwave that just does not work, sparks inside the appliance, a turntable that does not rotate, food not being heated or uneven heating, and touchpad controls that quit working.
Ice Machine problems this company can fix include bad switches, low water pressure, clogged water filters, malfunctioning door switches, defective inlet valves, defective thermostats or freezer switches, water leaks, no ice cubes being formed, and other Ice Machine issues.
Wine Cooler repair can involve fixing damaged or ill-fitting doors, stopping water leaks, unusual noises, coolers that don’t turn on, don’t stay cold, or stop cooling at all. Wine Cooler repair is assured when an expert is called.
Outdoor kitchen repairs can involve appliances such as stoves, grills, and outdoor refrigerators, and more. This appliance repair service does it all.
Furnace repair is better done before serious problems happen on the coldest day of the year or on a weekend or holiday. Have our repair service inspect and service both the air conditioning unit and the furnace in the fall before heating season and in the spring before the cooling season to prevent breakdowns and need of emergency Furnace repair at higher rates.

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